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2020-11-27 13:25

  AUP develop and manufacture lubricants and related additives, including engine oils, transmission oils, industrial oils and coolants, and provide high-quality engine lubrication and related protection products for OEM customers, professional manufacturers and end consumers. Products produced by AUP and the service has been recognized and praised by many application markets, meeting the OEM requirements of many international vehicle OEMs.AUP's sole purpose was to design petrochemicals specifically for the Australian market and to provide a full range of consumer products quickly and easily. After years of hard work, the Australian market has embraced this concept and we have become a leader in its field.AUP's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Carrurn Downs, Victoria, gives us greater manufacturing and storage capabilities. With a fully automatic filling capacity for all sizes of packages, 35 specialty tanks and over 1 million litres of oil storage capacity, the plant continues to offer unparalleled service and stable market prices to our customers.AUP's laboratory is an important part of its business. It provides customers with products and their application technology consulting, product testing and analysis services. All products are continuously tested and evaluated to ensure that they meet the most stringent standards. We also offer the sale of petroleum test kits on request, as well as the development of tailor-made products to suit almost any application.AUP is an active participant in all types of motor racing events in Oceania to demonstrate the superior peak quality of our products.

  AUP is rapidly consolidating and developing to become the market leader in the lubricants industry in the Asia Pacific region. Our products and services cover Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Island countries and Asia, including Singapore, China, India, Mongolia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Cambodia.

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