Who: there may be more than one case of new coronavirus &quo

2020-11-27 13:06

CCTV news client novel coronavirus pneumonia, November 24th, said Michael Ryan, who is responsible for the health emergency project at the new 23 day "new pneumonia" conference, said that the new crown "zero patient" is very important. In some cases, there will be more than one case of "zero patient". If the new coronavirus exists in the animal kingdom, it is possible to have multiple cross species transmission.
Michael Ryan, who's head of the health emergency program: it's not clear what the intermediate host of the new coronavirus is, and how it spreads across species to humans. This may be due to a single event, or it may be multiple events, it may occur at a specific time, or it may involve multiple points in time. If the new coronavirus exists in the animal kingdom, it may be introduced many times.
Michael Ryan points out that finding evidence of the spread of the virus across species is not easy, like looking for a needle in a haystack. In the case of Ebola virus, only one cross species transmission site has been found in 25 years of research.
However, Maria van Khov, technical director of the WHO health emergency project, said that the current "patient zero" may not be the real "patient zero", and there may be other undetected cases, so it is necessary to conduct a retrospective study. Who has collaborated in many countries to carry out retrospective analysis, such as studies on wastewater and 2019 samples to detect new coronavirus positive samples.x